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Linode opened its doors 11 years ago today, offering virtual servers with great service, and ultimately pioneering a new industry. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. It’s been fun to reminisce through the old forum posts from those formative years like this one and this one.

Many of the old posts echo the same sentiments that define us today: commitment to customer service, reliability, and common-sense approach to the tools we develop, our policies, and the way we run our business. Above all else, a commitment to our customers. Your feedback and input over the years has helped shape Linode into what it is today. And for that, we thank you. Some of that recent feedback has been for a smaller plan, and we’ve listened.

Introducing the Linode 1G – a $10/mo ($.015/hr) entry into our Linode plan lineup. This new Linode runs on the same 40 Gbps network, SSDs, and processing power as our larger plans. Likewise, inbound traffic is free and restricted only by link speed (40 Gbps).

Linode 1G24 GB1 core2 TB125 Mbps$0.015/hr | $10/mo

A note about the API and this new plan – the results of avail.linodeplans() have changed. Please make sure you’re using the correct PlanID for the desired plan.

Again, we’d like to thank you for your business and feedback. Enjoy!

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